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The United Kingdom, as we all know, voted for a referendum last 23 June to quit the European Union with 51.9 percent of the voting favors. The UK's and Europe's population, together with those in the EU, are now troubled by the risk that the British might restrict migration and trade due to the threats they face, increasing public fear and worry about the overall repercussions for the freedom of movement and goods. We have reason to believe that, simply by telling the world about Brexit's success, it had a substantial influence on the economy and on political institutions. In addition to David Cameron and Jonathan Hill's resignations, markets have been further shaken with a decline in the value of the pound and declining foreign stock markets. As can be seen, the news of the Brexit has landed like a sledgehammer. And yet, what problems could a British exit from the EU have for businesses in general, given that most businesses trade with others?

The United Kingdom will not go quickly when it comes to leaving the European Union; instead the agreement to be reached by both the United Kingdom and the other nations will take a certain period of time. A member state can voluntarily withdraw from the EU by notifying the European Council and then going through a two-year negotiating period. Afterwards, the terms under which that State would leave the EU are agreed to a two-year time limit and to define the kind of relations it has with the Member States of the Union in the future. To ratify the deal, an international treaty must be signed after the negotiations.

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Although we do not yet know what they will be, the implications for the logistics industry look to be dire.  Everything will rest on talks between the EU and the UK. A new legal framework will be created based on whatever deals are struck, and that will give details on how trading will take place from that point on. Many different firms and agencies are going to be affected by any changes in the present trade model due to the amount of trade that happens between the UK and the rest of Europe.

Experts predict that a number of things will change after the UK leaves the EU: The setting of guidelines to move persons and goods between the UK and the EU. For importing and exporting, new agreements will be required. New tariffs will have an impact on the pricing of goods. Import and export operations are becoming more bureaucratized. Transport will be slower since there will be additional border formalities. We need to be careful about falling into despair, and rather, we should establish plans for more regular goods movement between the United Kingdom and us. We must foresee the repercussions and plan for these new problems as soon as we wait to find out what the legal framework for the movement is, which will enable us to achieve this new reality as little as possible.

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