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The industry of moving people and commodities uses a number of corporations, together with infrastructure for transporting both people and freight. According to the Global Industry Classification Standard, transportation is a sub-group of the industrials sector (GICS). Transportation is made up of several businesses, such as aviation, shipping, road, rail, and air freight, which are supported by maritime, transportation infrastructure, and other industries. These sectors are further broken down into the air freight and logistik sub-industries, airlines, marine companies, railway companies, lorry services, airport services, roads and tracks as well as maritime ports and services.

The transportation industry's success is heavily influenced by changes in corporate profitability and the pricing of transportation services. Fuel prices, labor expenses, services demand, geopolitical events and government regulation are the main variables that impact corporate revenue. Many of these elements are intertwined. For instance, if the US administration adopts laws which make it harder for individuals to obtain their license, the supply of drivers would be reduced, therefore increasing the cost of recruitment drivers. Oil prices are an important issue in transportation since the price of the commodity has a direct impact on transportation costs. Rising gas and fuel prices will raise a trucking company's costs, cutting earnings and potentially lowering its stock price. 

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Energy prices are obviously connected with the values of transport stocks. Low energy prices may help to raise the stock prices of various transportation firms, but the effect may also be reversed. Transportation firms will disclose any increases in demand for their services as well as the resulting impacts in their quarterly reports. Once this knowledge is widely circulated, energy dealers may be enticed to bid up the price of oil and comparable commodities. If there is a significant drop in commercial transportation demand, this information may result in lower oil prices.

The market offers several choices to diversify your portfolio by investing in firms that help people and goods move, including both direct investments in individual transportation businesses as well as "sub-sector" funds or ETFs. Transportation is one of the most diverse sectors, with industrial businesses including airlines, railways, trucking companies, equipment and leasing organizations, and logistics firms. This means that index funds focused on the sector, like the DJTA, will be tracking the sector index.

The DJTA, an index of transportation stocks traded in the United States, weights firms according to the price of their shares. The DJTA is the oldest stock index in the United States, having been created in 1884 by Charles Dow, a co-founder of Dow Jones & Company. The index comprised initially from nine railway undertakings which showed that the US transport industry dominated the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th century and two non-railway undertakings. The index now covers airlines, trucks, maritime transportation, delivery services, and logistics firms in addition to railroads.

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