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If you've already made an order by FedEx and want to know when it'll arrive, you can utilize one of the following methods: Check the anticipated arrival date in the purchase or shipment confirmation email; look up usual delivery dates for products in your region on the courier's website. The time it takes for customs to hold your package might range from a few days to many months. This is determined by the destination country, package contents, courier service provider, and delivery mode.

Here are some suggestions for making the customs clearance procedure go as quickly as possible: Only send shipments that follow the shipping country's and destination country's transportation laws; for dangerous shipments, check post tracking number, follow all packaging and paperwork requirements; regardless of the type of shipment, always present the required documents to the shipping company and make sure they are filled out correctly.

FedEx Post Shipment Status

To track a shipment, locate the tracking number supplied to you and enter it in the input field. The shipper can offer you with an electronic tracking option if they employ self-delivery or self-shipping. You can also choose your parcel service provider from a list of options.

Since the dawn of trade, manufacturers and merchants have relied on shipping firms such as FedEx and DHL, as well as railways, to transport their goods across the country. Until now, distributing products has been a very straightforward procedure.  Orders from wholesalers and retailers were personally processed and delivered within an acceptable time frame through mail, fax, phone, or in person. Until technology made package monitoring feasible, the shipping procedure was typically a bit of a mystery.

Internet shopping changed shipping in the mid-to-late 1990s. Individual delivery details were almost as essential as the actual goods. Everything became increasingly essential, from the location of a box in route to the temperature of the shipment. Companies may now redirect products in transportation as required, whether because of inventory variations or other factors. The importance of information shifted how firms and shippers collaborated, and shippers rapidly understood that being able to trade electronically was a need for conducting business. 

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