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In distribution logistics, we must deal with a variety of issues in terms of time horizon, unpredictability, and the consequence of our actions. Organizing truck routes for next-day delivery and designing a new network of storage facilities to be run over the next few years are obviously two extreme instances of challenges involving distinct hierarchical levels. We have strategic issues at the top of the hierarchy. Years or months may be the temporal frame. The higher the amount of uncertainty, the more appropriate forecasting techniques and scenario analysis are required. Strategic decisions, such as warehouse capacity, will act as restrictions at lower levels of the hierarchy.

We have tactical issues at the middle level. The availability of resources is typically set, but the time horizon (like weeks) is long enough to need forecasting. The selection of an inventory management policy is an example of a tactical problem: altering such a choice is far easier than rethinking the structure of a distribution network. On a tactical level, we face day-to-day decisions with little ambiguity, and we must react to incoming data in a very short time frame.

It's worth noticing that the line between the three tiers isn't particularly crisp. Third-party logistic service providers enable us to expand warehouse capacity without having to build a new facility, blurring the line between strategic and tactical issues. Furthermore, the layers of hierarchy are interconnected. Higher-level decisions, of course, restrict lower-level management. However,  the connection is two-way. To solve otherwise intractable issues, hierarchical decomposition is required, however while making a strategic choice, we must account for the impacts on the tactical and operational levels. This can only be accomplished by simplifying the model, resulting in a sort of "anticipation" function.

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Consider a network of three retail establishments, all of which are positioned on the vertices of an equilateral triangle. Assuming that the demand for the three retail outlets is the same, putting the distribution center in Canada UPS Tracking the triangle's barycenter seems like a good idea. This, however, is dependent on the manner of conveyance. This solution is feasible if demand is high in comparison to vehicle capacity and we carry point-to-point. However, if demand is low and distances are short, visiting nodes 1, 2, and 3 in order with the same vehicle may be preferable.

Long-term choices may need the creation of plans that are implemented over time. This might lead to dynamic issues. We have a multiperiod decision problem, but it is a single-stage one, if the decisions are taken now and not modified afterwards. The term "multistage" is usually reserved for issues in which future decisions are changed as a result of new knowledge and the gradual resolution of ambiguity.

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